Saturday, December 13, 2014

Golden Story Time - Part 1

Story Time
Zachary: "Welcome to Golden Story Time!"

Story Time
Zachary: "It is very important to read to Puppies, you know."

That's true for human pups, too!

Story Time

Sorry… I didn't mean to interrupt.

Please continue.

Story Time
Zachary: "Eh hem…"

Dog Blog Post #1630

Oh, There's No Place Like… your own bed to snuggle up with a friend and enjoy a good book.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1138. "Oh, There's No Place Like..."

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 13, 2014 - "It's The Little Things In Life"

Story Time
Zachary: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas…"

To Be Continued...

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Furries said...

You two are just so darn cute!

Unknown said...

Love that.... just so sweet. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

So cute! I love these photos. Zachary's glasses look so chic on him!
Love & Biscuits,
Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

houndstooth said...

I just adore this series of pictures! Zachary wearing the glasses gets me every time!