Friday, August 29, 2014

Golden Moonshine

Golden Moonshine
Zachary: "Oh… he he he… Hi Mom."

What are you two doing???

Golden Moonshine
Henry: "We made a…"

Golden Moonshine
Zachary: "Tea Pot. A really... fancy… tea pot."

Golden Moonshine
Henry: "Filled with cornmeal… tea."

Dog Blog Post #1524

Zachary, you are so busted.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 29, 2014 - "Still"

Yes, I made it today.

Yes, I had fun doing it. :)

Daily Dog Challenge 1032. "Distinctive"

I love the way both boys look in a Fedora yet find each wears it in their own distinctive way.

Today was Zachary's day, and I think he looks best as shown here, wearing it straight and level.

Henry strikes me as the Humphrey Bogart type, and so when it's his turn I try to give the hat a bit of an angle.

Still Life with a Still
Now you see it

Ingredients for a  Still
Now you don't

Ingredients for a Still from common household items:

One Fondue Pot Stand
One Candle Holder
One Copper Tea Pot Cozy
One Copper Mug Sleeve
One Coil of Copper Tubing

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Unknown said...

LOL and we thought you were brewing hootch. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly