Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Microchip Warning!

Zachary: "Rats, forgot my glasses."

Zachary: "Staff! Bring me my glasses!"

Zachary: "Chop chop."

Professor Zachary
Zachary: "Impossible to find good help these days."

Dog Blog Post #1500

Professor Zachary preparing for the day's Physics lecture, with his book In-Between him and the camera, and his glasses In-Between his eyes and the book.


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 5, 2014 - "In-Between"

Daily Dog Challenge 1008. "Work Like A Dog Day"

Public Service Announcement

We interrupt today's blog for a brief Public Service Announcement.

The boys went to the V-E-T today for their annual checkup and I chanced to ask for their microchips (HomeAgain) to be scanned.

Henry's caused the scanner to beep right away and flash his magic number.

But despite going over Zachary with two different scanners, with a diligence that would make a TSA worker proud, the vet tech finally had to declare the chip to be lost.

Turns out that some times the chips can not only migrate away from their original insertion point (between the shoulder blades) but they can actually work their way out of the dog completely!

Sooo… Zachary is now sporting a brand new HomeAgain chip (free of charge) and I'm passing along the word that if your dog is chipped you should be sure to have them scanned next time you are at the vet.

It should be free and it only takes a second!

(Addendum: I actually think we saw the chip come out a few months ago, but I thought it was rose thorn and just plucked it out of his neck and tossed it away.)

As an aside, both boys have lost some much needed (much not needed?) weight since last year.

The Beach Ball (Zachary) is down four pounds and Henry is down ten!

Henry now officially has a waist, ribs, and has been declared to be at a good weight for his size.

As for the Beach Ball (aka the Sea Sausage)… well… did I mention that Henry is at a good weight?

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

Yet More Work?

Ok Henry, now pick up your favorite dumbbell toy that you carry all over the house.

Henry: "Ewwww… it's wet."

It's wet because it's been in your mouth.

Just pick it up.

Dog At Work

Henry: "Pfththththth"

Henry: "It's Cookie Time."

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Piranha Banana said...

Nice work! Indeed hard to find good help around these parts. Glad your staff is up to par. Thanks for sharing the info on the chip - will have to have ourselves scanned to ensure ours are still intact.


M. K. Clinton said...

I met someone at BlogPaws whose dog's microchip was discovered in his leg! Great photos, of course! ♥

zoepheedogs said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous!! I love them.

That is so weird about the microchip! I've never had that happen before!

My GBGV Life said...

I had no idea you boys were such brainiacs, studying physics! Amazing! As for the chip, a vet should check for it every visit to make sure it is there and as a security feature to make sure you are the owner (even if they know you). Katie and I each have two, one European and one US. Never heard of them falling out or getting lost, but that is an excellent reason to make sure they check. Thanks for a great post!

Sheltie Times said...

When we picked up Katy we mentioned Bailey had been microchipped when we adopted him. She checked him and there was no sign of one. At the time we figured there may have been a mistake, but this would explain it. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

Wow we did not realise they could be lost. We should make sure the vet checks ours next time we visit. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Your two boys are gorgeous and your pictures are beautiful! That's interesting about the chip! I didn't know they could be lost.

Angry Girl Fitness said...

I'm definitely going to have mine re-checked. I have one girl who got hers overseas, so I'm not sure how that is going to work with our scanners here. Hm. We may have to re-chip, also.

Your photography is beautiful. :-)

Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them said...

GASP!! You're so lucky you were smart enough to have their chips checked. I do it each year, I used to feel paranoid doing that but not anymore! Thanks for sharing this important tip. Gorgeous photos as always!
Love & Biscuits,
Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

houndstooth said...

We ask to have our dogs' microchips scanned every time we go in to the vet's office after hearing a few migration stories. We actually had one that was a dud, in that it just didn't work, so that one got replaced, too!