Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Most Important Meal

Henry: "Where is she? I'm starving."
Zachary: "Stop complaining and read the paper. You might actually learn something."

Henry: "Oooooo. Cheesy-Eggs! Let's dig in."
Zachary: "Wait, I want to finish this article."

Henry: "Momma! Zachary won't…"

You can handle this one yourself, Henry.

Henry: "Whimper whimper whimper…. WHIMPER!"
Zachary: "Huh?"

Good grief, Henry. Stop that racket!

Zachary, if you can't be bothered to eat I'll just give it all to Henry and you can make your own Breakfast later.

Zachary: "Ready!"
Henry: "Works every time."

Dog Blog Post #1241

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day.

Yes, of course they ate it when the shoot was over!

Really should have made myself some, too, as the whole house smells like cheesy-eggs and they licked the plate clean.

Well, not literally.

Their BOWLS were licked clean.

The plate went into the dishwasher.

I'm still left with no cheesy-eggs.

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Create With Joy said...

Your dogs are gorgeous - your post is brilliant - even my cats think you'd be a hit at our Wordless Wednesday Party (my readers LOVE meeting new pets!)

Have a wonderful week and hope you'll stop by!

Create With Joy

GOOSE said...

Where's the bacon?

Unknown said...

Oh my! The only time our pups ever show any of their table manners is when their food or tidbit is on a spoon!

The Diamond Dogs said...

Beautiful photos and what lucky pups to have a home cooked breakfast meal

Unknown said...

BOL we agree with Goose , where is the bacon???
Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Seriously, you cooked that breakfast for the boys and didn't make yourself any? Even we humans need our treats - is there a donut shop nearby :)

Jody Green said...

What beautiful boys you are! And your Momma certainly brings out the best in you. Happy Wednesday!

Michelle Liew said...


Sue and Doug said...

'egg'-axtly perfect! all Zachary needed was a pair of glasses for reading the paper!!

Deanna said...

Great job. They are beautiful.
My entry is #88.

Unknown said...

That is such an adorable group of photos. Your dogs are so well behaved. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the willpower not eating those eggs right away... if it had been french toast I would have eaten it for you.

Talent Hounds said...

Great pics and such control. My lab would not have resisted. X Talent Hounds

Seville at Nerissa's Life said...

Your mum makes you eggs for breakfast? With cheese?

MOUSES! I have GOT to get myself some new peeps. My peeps never do anythin' that nice for me.


Unknown said...

Great photo journal - really amazing!

Louisette said...

Great wonderfull fotos, greeting from Belgium