Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mind Your Manners

Mind Your Manners

Dog Blog Post #1252

Zachary is showing how to...

Daily Dog Challenge 761. "Mind Your Manners"

... Henry? Not so much.

Our Daily Challenge Nov 30 2013 - "Order and Chaos"

In eating style, that is.

Taken with, processed, and uploaded from my iPhone while the Computer is "in the shop".

Yay! They put their "Best Genius" on it this morning and discovered that the Computer had... a bad graphics card.

Which is what we thought the problem was all along.

New card should arrive early next week, and we should be back in business shortly thereafter.

Until then, alas, I'm back to using the iPhone.

Happy Birthday Beau


Beau would have been 10 years old today.

Happy Birthday Big Dog. I miss you.

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GOOSE said...

So which one is the bad manners? The head in the sack or eating with a hat on? hehehe

Unknown said...

LOL Gooses' comment. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

YourSpecialDog said...

Hope the computer "gets well" :P

Welcome to join my blog

Sue and Doug said...

Beau was a bee-utiful golden!!