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Dog Blog Post #1035

Zachary on the left, Henry on the right.

Daily Dog Challenge 744. Quiet Moment

Our Daily Challenge Nov 13 2013 - Symmetry

Taken with, processed, and uploaded from iPhone while Computer "in the shop".

Thirteen days "in the shop" and yes, I was back battling the oh-so-helpful voice recognition phone tree, sitting on hold waiting for 12+ minutes with promises I was "next" the ENTIRE time, and then the useless chat with the Village Idiot Of The Day (VIOTD), which entailed yet more waiting while the VIOTD went on apparently long quests seeking enlightenment.

And failing.

Today I was informed that the Main Logic Board, the one ordered because tests showed my current board was bad, had indeed shown up yesterday.

Alas, my VIOTD was unable to clarify why they were still running tests on my OLD board today, whose prior malfunction had prompted ordering the new board to begin with.

Now, I'm no more interested in wasting $737 on a board I don't need than the next guy (er gal) but if it wasn't working 3 days ago, do they really think it will be working today??????

Not So Symmetrical


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Unknown said...

We are typing very quietly. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

They look so sweet and peaceful at rest!

Ah, technology is fantastic...when it works!