Wednesday, December 14, 2011





Dog Blog Post #536: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was...

44. See What I Can Do - Does your dog have a hidden talent? Is he or she really good at something? Silly or realistic, show us what your dog can do!

And while Zachary has many talents, including unloading the dryer, pulling laundry baskets, pushing cabinet doors closed, pushing easy buttons, etc. etc. etc... I thought I would highlight one of Henry's, today, as I could then cover...

Our Daily Challenge - "Balance"

... as well.

I find this skill particularly amusing, as it is something that came quite easily to Henry, and is nearly impossible for Zachary to do. You may recall that Zachary doesn't "do" nothing, and my guess is that sitting there while I pile cookies on your nose is way too close to "nothing" for Zachary.

Editor's Note: To Bert - nope - no calendars, no books, no etc. Just a lowly photo hobbyist, with my pictures (and the boys) found only here and on flickr. I'm flattered that you'd ask, however. :)

And to those who mentioned the Evil Jingle Collar, I believe the Precious Puppy is busy adding you to his naughty list!

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K-Koira said...

I love that his eyes get bigger and more worried with each additional cookie.

Sheltie Times said...

The minute my hand moved from the cookie the cookie would be in the mouth. What amazing restraint.

Berts Blog said...

Yeah Henry. That is an amazing talent. But I know what was going thru your mind during all this. It is clearly echoed in your eyes as they get more and more droopy with each added bone.

Which My Vickie finds a very charming part of the photos.

And we think you should be making your human a millianaire with your handsomeness and her skills with photography.

I mean you guys really are grand.....


houndstooth said...

I absolutely love Henry's talent! Those pictures are fantastic.

Henry, I'm sorry I brought the evil jingle collar up! *hangs head*

Sue and Doug said...

Henry is very talented and patient too!!!

Ellen said...

I don't know your email, but check out my blog...I have awarded you with the Kreativ Bloggers Award!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Fantastic photos but Henry!! You Rock! Not a trick I see the piggy Miss Kodee doing soon!