Saturday, December 17, 2011

Candid Canine

Candid Canines

Dog Blog Post #540: Today's Daily Dog Challenge...

"47 Candid Camera - Capture a candid picture of your dog today!"

... would have been easy, if the boys and I were in the same places at the same times today.

But we weren't.

Nope, they were off to the day spa, leaving me no choice but to shoot after they returned - meaning indoors and after the sun had gone down.

Which would have been fine, had they left me alone and gone about their business so I could catch them unawares.

But they didn't.

Nope, they followed me around like Little Bo Peep's found sheep - complete with the wagging tails.

So I finally just had to wait until they crashed, snuck up on them, popped up the flash, stuck the camera around the corner, and quick took a picture.

Hunting jungle cats is probably easier.

Now, I hate to use a flash, I don't like the way it makes things look (not to mention the little blue spots one sees afterwards) and so I ended up turning this B&W.

Shooting indoors wasn't a problem for my Scavenge Challenge shot:

4. Show us how you navigate with any map, compass, chart or GPS system


Except Henry complained, feeling much maligned (for appearing to be sleeping on the job) and insisted I upload a shot showing that he, too, studied the map.

Studying the Map

He says it just didn't take him as long to figure the route out as it took Zachary.


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Sue and Doug said...

even when one seems to be sniffin' the other's behind..they are still adorable!..the spa for your poochies!.how fun!!

houndstooth said...

Who knew a candid shot could be so difficult? Hee hee!

Those map shots are fantastic! I'm looking forward to having a day to catch up tomorrow, hopefully. I can't wait to see what magic looks like!

greygirl25 said...

Sleeping on the job. Two thumbs up!