Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look Into My Eyes

Look Into My Eyes

Dog Blog Post #524: I must admit that I was rather pleased with today's Daily Dog Challenge ...

31. Gaze Into The Lens - Get a picture of your dog gazing into the lens, either close up or faraway!

... results. Folks who visit often have heard me grumble time and again about how hard a time I have getting good "eye" pictures. Most of the trouble comes simply from how dark a brown the boys' eyes are - something I can't really do much about. (Actually, something I can't do anything about!)

The rest is due to me choosing a spot that is too sunny (bleached photos = black holes for eyes) too shady (high ISO = grainy eyes) or forgetting to remove the drool rag that hangs from my belt when taking pictures (mostly to wipe hands after throwing icky Lacrosse Ball and before handling camera.)

Today, however, you'll note note of the above actually occurred, and you can get as good a glimpse of Henry's eyes as you'll probably ever get.

In fact, I'm so darned tickled with it, that I cropped it, allowing Blogger to show it nice as big:

The rest of the shots were devoted to bokeh - that lovely blur that shows up in the background when you focus on something close.

Here's Henry in front of the half-naked flowering pear (left) and the half-naked red-leaved flowering plum (right) with sunlight behind them all, creating lovely little circles of light and color...

Bokeh Henry

... and in front of the half-naked Crape Myrtle...

Portrait of Henry

Given all the wind we've been having, I'm surprised we still have trees, let alone trees with leaves on them!

Sorry, no Zachary today (I have no idea what he was looking at, but it sure wasn't the lens!) - but I promise he'll be back in the blog tomorrow for the blog hop. :)

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Talking-Dogs said...

Those first two photo literally took my breathe away and brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful!

How Sam Sees It said...

Nice eye shots - I find that if I position the boys with a little sun across their face (almost impossible to do) I can really bring their eyes to life. I've discovered by doing this that Monty has most beautiful eyes you have ever seen. He has a fire in there, and so many different colors come out.



Sue and Doug said...

the eyes are the window to the soul!..beautiful Henry!!

Ellen said...

Just found your blog! Taking pet photos has always been a challenge for me. So few turn out the way I really want them. These photos were beautiful!

What settings were you using? What kind of camera?

houndstooth said...

I love your eye shots, and that close cropped one is just stunning! You really got a great capture.

I love your bokeh, too, but that sure looks like a lot of leaves left to me!

greygirl25 said...

Beautiful fall foliage shots. And your eye images are beautiful.

Something that I always try to do with my guys are to make sure their eyes are up and facing the light source.