Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Ears


Dog Blog Post #523: What a glorious day for today's Daily Dog Challenge assignment of...

30. Just Ears - Our dogs come in different shapes and sizes, and so do their ears. Show us your dog's ears today!

Artistic Temperament Scavenger Hunt - "#85. This Color"... Gold. :)

Glorious because the day was, well, glorious - with bright sunshine and Autumn tones - and glorious because the dogs are fairly fresh from the day spa and their ears were looking fairly tidy.

(Anyone who has a golden understands, otherwise, imagine your dog running around with fuzziest slippers imaginable attached to their dog's heads ala Princess Leia's hair style.)

... and for those "gee your trees still have leaves" sorts in the crowd, after today's blustery day, those lovely golden leaves are well on their way through the next county by now.

Here's Zachary's Ear Shot...


... as he attempted to mentally levitate the Lacrosse Ball out from under my foot.

Finally (and literally) we have Our Daily Challenge - "The End"...

The End

The End

(Any guesses who's is who's?)

But wait! There's more!

Sort of.

Here's the montage from November's Scavenger Challenge. I hadn't planned on making it an All Golden month, but by the time the month was through I'd taken all but three shots with a dog in it. So I reshot two, took the last one with Henry, and called it a month:

November Scavenge Challenge

And moving left to right, top to bottom, we have:

1. Celebration, 2. Hula!, 3. White Hat, 4. Making Cookies, 5. Oh Where, Oh Where...
6. Zach in Socks?, 7. What's my next stitch?, 8. Pepper Puppy, 9. Sweet Zachary, 10. The Boys
11. Candle in the Wind, 12. Bubbles, 13. Sparkles, 14. What ARE You?, 15. Idiom
16. A Tail's Tale, 17. Pepper Puppy, 18. Screen, 19. We're Dreaming..., 20. Gimmick
21. Old Time, 22. Sea Shell, 23. 120 Balls on the Floor... - EXPLORED, 24. Black and White, 25. Romantic Henry

(Created with Mosaic Maker.)

... favorites anyone?

And finally (and I mean it this time) we have next month's Scavenger Challenge list (click to see larger).

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Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Yes Golden's ears are magical!!! Wonderful photos!!

houndstooth said...

All of his parts are wonderful! I love those silky ears. I love that you shot the whole Scavenge Challenge with the dogs this time.

I'm envious that you saw blue sky and sunshine!

I love this month's challenge list! I know I can do it! Would it be wrong to add bokeh as an assignment for the DDC?

Ruth said...

The bokeh on those ear shots is pretty. I've become obessed with bokeh at the moment :)

My fav from the challenge collage would have to be Celebration. It's just adorable :D

Sue and Doug said...

snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!

greygirl25 said...

Those tail shots are glorious as are the ears.

If I could just have 1/2 of your organization it would really help me out.