Friday, October 21, 2011



Dog Blog Post #483: I set out to take a picture of "Texture", but it wasn't meant to be.

When I sat down at the computer, hours later, the pictures I had snapped in a hurry were both overly washed out and too dark (yeah team) and simply weren't going to work.

Plan B: See What Else was on the camera.

What Else turned out to be a series of washed out, murky, but otherwise decent shots of the boys playing fetch (who'd a thunk it?)

Hmm.... what to do with that?

Turns out the most recent prompt for Our Daily Challenge was "Black, White, and Grainy" - and thus you have the fairly heavily processed picture up top (mostly to bring out "grain".)

This also works for 111 Pictures in 2011 - "22. Black and White".

The rest of the shots were taken a few days ago, and have no purpose in life other than to (hopefully) make somebody smile...

St. Zachary

St. Zachary

St. Zachary

St. Zachary

I'm calling this the "St. Zachary" collection, as I'm pretty sure he is one of the world's most tolerant dogs.

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Lindy said...

I'm visiting from the Pet Blogger Hop and glad I did...your images certainly did make me smile - I ♥ them all! =)

Talking-Dogs said...

Always love your photos and these are fantastic!

Kristin G. said...

Smiling here!! Your boys are SO handsome, and their fur looks so soft. I always wish I could pet them and give them big hugs!!

Sue and Doug said...

your boys are so 'houndsome' and the pictures are 'pawsome'..great shots!

Pup Fan said...

I love these! I'm never good at taking these sort of action shots... one of those skills I need to work on.

Kari in Alaska said...

Keep away is so much more fun that sharing!

Stop on by for a visit

Boondocks Love Shack Pack said...

WOW - that first picture is priceless!!

Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

houndstooth said...

I loved those pictures and now I see the story behind them! The boys look so happy and carefree, I think that's the draw of them for me.

I tried doing the nerdy shot yesterday and it was an epic fail! There was no way I was posting those pictures anywhere. *sigh* I am feeling better about today's pictures, though. I guess I won't have to turn in my camera after all.

Anonymous said...

No one here with an eye for photography, so looking at great shots taken by others is always a source of wonder and awe for me. I love these! It's so obvious they are having a great time!

greygirl25 said...

Those two playing together is so beautiful.

Their coats just flow in the wind.