Thursday, October 20, 2011

Method Acting


Dog Blog Post #481: I think the picture kinda speaks for itself...

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 16, 2011 - "Sleep"
111 Pictures in 2011 - "#60. Relaxation"

Is he really sleeping in that picture?


Would he be if I wasn't lying on my stomach on the floor a few feet in front of him with a camera going click-click-click?

Absolutely, and probably was moments after I left.

Aside: I love to watch dogs sleeping - they always look so peaceful and worry free. In reading the dog blogs, it's also clear that not all dogs sleep the same way. The greyhounds are all limbs, the fluffy lap dogs look like something you would see perched on a store shelf, and Basset Hounds are all ears (then again, they are all ears no matter what they are doing.)

One of my favorite views of a sleeping golden is the one shown above, when the lips are loose and lay on the floor like puddle drapes.

And then we have:

111 Pictures in 2011 - "#45. Hand(s)"
Artistic Temperament Scavenger Challenge "#100. A part of me"


As I made the description fairly long and detailed on flickr, I simply reproduced it below...

Zachary getting prepped for his "Nerdy" shot.

All the items were laid out, Zachary was on his mark, and the camera was on the high tripod in timer mode.

Over time, I have settled on the timer settings of a 5 second initial delay followed by 4 pictures, with a 2 seconds delay between each shot.

Any longer of an initial delay, and I might miss a hard to hold/arrange shot (think "cookies on the nose".)

Any shorter and it's not really a delay.

The number of shots taken is somewhat arbitrary, but I find after 5+(4-1)*2=11 seconds, the boys are usually ready for a break and a cookie reward.

THIS shot reveals (in addition to me) that 5 seconds isn't quite enough time to go from behind the camera to the ground and then position the glasses "just so" - and I (and more importantly for this prompt - my hands) were caught in the act.

After a few "fails" like this, I switched to staying in position and just reaching up and pushing the camera button to get the timer going, which bought me the second or two I needed to get the glasses on and me out of the way.

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houndstooth said...

I love watching sleeping dogs, too, and I have to agree about different sleeping styles! Morgan curls up like a little chinchilla with her tail over her nose, which I find adorable.

Great use of outtakes! I bow to you!

Do I still want to do a group? Are you kidding? Of course I do!

KB said...

A sleeping dog is so peaceful. Labs sleep like Goldens with "puddle drapes".

Sue and Doug said...

love the sleepy golden look..and then when they are dreaming and running in their that!!!

Kari in Alaska said...

Yes the sleepy pic does speak for itself

Stop on by for a visit

Unknown said...

LOL Ive done this shot with Haylie and been down on the floor too clicking away!

Fred...sigh..I love to watch him sleep - he just looks adorable sleeping.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching our two dogs sleeping right now...nothing quite like it! So peaceful. Great pics!

Elyse (and Riley)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Zachary looks like a real old hand at getting kitted up for a photo shoot, which I guess he is:) Probably nothing you do or ask him to do surprises him anymore!