Thursday, February 17, 2011

High Key

Dog Blog Post #240: Today's Daily Shoot was another Googleable Moment...

Make a high key photograph today dominated by bright tones.

As I took one look at it, and immediately switched to Google to try and figure out what they meant.

High Key?
Bright Tones?
Blah Blah... cookie?

After poking around at the results, my best guess was that they were looking for a "white background" picture, instead of my favored "black background" pictures. The mental picture I came away with was a picture of a bride wearing a white dress against a white background.

So, off to the fabric store I scampered, to fetch a few yards of pure white fleece. While there, I picked up a few silk flowers for props, and hurried home to see what I could do.

Lighting, of course, was a problem. The sky was overcast and gray, and the light coming in my window was a blue as the deep blue sea.

Really, the finally pictures were horrible in their original state, and having only a 2004 version of iPhoto to work with, I did the best I could with a tool I know little about and mostly use for cropping.

I pushed a slider here, and pulled a slider there, and wished we could find that equally old version of PhotoShop that we all swear we had at one time but no one can actually locate. (I wouldn't know how to use that either, but there are a lot more knobs to fiddle with!)

In the end, the winner was the picture below. This was hubby's choice, this time, as he felt the white flower created disembodied paws. I think he's right, although I liked the added interest of the flowers. The color is so much "better", because I worked so much longer on it (knowing it was going to get uploaded) to try to get it right.

This was a fun assignment, as I got to read about new things and try something I haven't tried before. Who knows, perhaps the white fleece will repeat for other assignments!

The crossed paws was a whim of mine, to hold the flower better, and much to my surprise he actually kept them that way!

Editor's Note #1:

As greygirl25 noticed, I've been posting twice on Tuesday's - once, as usual, queued up until 12:01AM for the normal daily post (including Monday's Daily Shoot) and a second time, live, in the waning hours with Tuesday's Daily Shoot. This frees up Wordless Wednesday to be whatever I want (in this case, an "out take" from Monday's Valentine shoot).

The other oddity will be the end of the week, when Saturday's post has Friday's date on it, due to time zone issues between here and Pet Blogger Hop.

Editor's Note #2:

And a few days ago, Pup Fan was pondering which pet bloggers are doing the Daily Shoot, and the short answer is "I have no idea!"

The ones that I've spotted on either the Daily Shoot itself or read about in their blog are:

I've heard rumblings from Kol's Notes in comments here about trying it, and Tails and Tales remains a stanch holdout. :)

I was almost certain there was another Boston Terrier or possibly French Bulldog person as well, but I can't seem to come up with it.

But as my following/follower list isn't hugely extensive, there could be many others - especially if they are posting pictures of things other than their dogs!)


LuLu and Wally said...

I had to google this one, too. I had no idea what high key was!

I think you did an awesome job with the post processing. The finished product is beautiful! I really like that first photo with the colored flowers.. The color gives a nice "pop" to the pic and the crop is perfect! :)

Ruth said...

Wonderful phots - especially the first one!

Anonymous said...

I like the picture you ended up with but I did think the flowers added a little something extra as well!

Elyse and Riley

Terrorzinhos said...

We love the pictures!
Sooo Beautiful!