Monday, February 28, 2011


ds469 - Glowing

Dog Blog Post #250: Two hundred and fifty posts? Gee... had I realized that before this moment, I might have done something special.


Anyway, today's Daily Shoot assignment is:

Make a photograph of something that is glowing today. Use any meaning of the word you like.

I don't know about you, but the first few things that flitted through my brain were all combustible, and therefore totally incompatible with a fur covered life-form. Thankfully, yesterday's post was hanging about, with Zachary's glowing face staring right at me.

Perfect! All I had to do was recreated it.

So this morning, I grabbed my new backboard, by stretchy black velvet fabric, the piece of leopard print fabric, the dog pillow, and set things up in my kitchen to take advantage of the morning sunbeam.

All 12"-18" of it.

Given the time of day, that meant I was actually hunched over underneath the kitchen table to get the shot, while Zachary basked in the sunshine, on a "fur" covered pillow, eating a dog treat every 15-30 seconds while I wiped his muzzle between each shot.

No wonder he was glowing.

ds469 - Glowing (Alternate)

For the record, I uploaded the first photo. While my son preferred the bottom one, I felt the additional black around the top picture made Zachary (especially in square thumbnail form) look even more glowy.

(BTW: That really is the color straight out of the camera. I did a bit of cropping, a smidgen of sharpening, but otherwise left it as is.)

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Annieke said...

Nice shots! I am completely inspiration-less lately when it comes to the Daily Shoot. In part due to - once again - wet, gray, ugly weather... Ah well... the sun is supposed to come back out this week, so hopefully that'll inspire me to get some shots in!

Sage said...

I love the first picture! And he looks a bit pensive in the second. I'm sure he's thinking about and waiting for that treat!!

Anonymous said...

Man, he is literally glowing! Goldens are so beautiful in general, but this glowing picture makes Zachary look even more handsome than usual!!

Elyse and Riley

Amber-Mae said...

Hi Beau & Zachary, nice to meet you two. I found you in Anna the GSD's blog. My oh my, I love how gold your coat looks with that sunlight shining on ya! It's beautiful & you're one handsome Golden Retriever.

Ruth said...

Beautiful photos - I like the top one too.

houndstooth said...

I agree with you, I like the top one, too! Not just for the color, but because of the pose, too. If there was ever anything that glowed, it would have to be a Golden!

Pup Fan said...

Gorgeous! He really is glowing. :)