Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just One

Dog Blog Post #222: Today's Daily Shoot assignment?

Fill the frame of a photograph with a single subject today.

Wow - a real toughie!  Any guesses what I picked?

Ok... that question was probably too easy. How about this: any guesses which dog I picked? Ah... made it harder, eh? Of course, you have a 50% shot at getting it right simply by guessing!

Let's see, the Missing Skill of the Day? Henry does not like it when I'm focusing (figuratively, attentively, or photographically) on Zachary. Tell him to go chill out "over there" doesn't help.

(He doesn't)

It's possible he would if I had a mat for him to chill on - he has a long history of finding mats to be rewarding - but alas, no mats.

Must work on that, because I spent half my time trying to get Mr. Noisy Muzzle out of my light and out of the frame (ie: the half not spent photographing him!)

How did they do on yesterday's Missing Skill of the Day (no, I didn't call it that yesterday, I just dreamed up the title this very moment... well... a few sentences ago... which could have been just a moment, if you read really, really fast. Yes, well, Moving On...)

Yesterday's Missing Skill of the Day was sitting next to one another. I'm proud to say they actually did just fine with that today. It's possible that it was because I was in front of them today (to get those up-close-and-personal shots) or perhaps they are finally catching on.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

The Positive Thing (haven't come up with a clever name for that one yet - something else to work on) is... uh.. well, they sat next to one other?

Doesn't count?

Ok... how about this... I was able to use the cookie to lure a really nice curve to their necks, move my hand away, and have them stay that way.

Both dogs did beautifully at that. We'll call it the Gumby Move.

So, give up who "the winning dog" was?

Today's winner was Zachary, but boy was it close. My second favorite was the one of Henry at the top. What woman wouldn't love to have eyelashes like that! But today I went with "contemplative". There was just something about the shot that spoke to me.

Read fast - Wordless Wednesday is right around the corner!


houndstooth said...

I absolutely agree with you about your best shot, but they're all great! Now I'm really curious about what Wordless Wednesday looks like!

greygirl25 said...

Those eyelashes are to die for.