Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Dog 2

Dog Blog Post #218: Today was Family Dog class #2. Once again, a very good dog showed up with me, and evil teenage dog was nowhere to be found. While it's hard to be upset about that, I can't help but wonder when he will appear.

I mean, you know he has to.

At some point.

And so I go to class each week, burst with pride that he's being a good boy, and dread how I will feel when his evil twin shows up.

It's like knowing the bill for Christmas is lost in mail, but that it must show up sometime.

Anyway, little sit-n-stare was lovely. He really likes his rawhide chew, and happily masticated it at every opportunity (ie: when Wendy was talking). He sat, and laid down. He laid down, and sat. And even did it when I asked. He recalled from Wendy's chicken (I had peanut butter - I guess you could say the price was right!) and ignored the chatty lab next to us.

I gave him lots of treats, lots of pets, and more than few well deserved kisses.

I, once again, froze my body parts off. Henry, once again, was oblivious to the cold, damp weather.

(Did I mention I was bursting with pride?)

Today's Daily Shoot:

Make a photograph that features a very distinct curved line or surface today.

Whew. Curves. Much easier to do with a golden than stripes!

I went back to the nose again, as I found yesterday's pictures intriguing. However, today I tried a full on nose and in the end decided it was a bit... much.

A chance shot, made toward the end (lending credence to my theory that only the first and last pictures are worth anything) turned out to be my favorite. Something about its curves are almost... sensual.

Once again, I took pictures of both dogs, and once again, these were both Henry.

I'm showing no favorites, honest!


FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Looks like your playin' at bein' another dog...looks like what I see when finishing the "meet and greet" with another dog...gotta see what he's had to eat.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Anonymous said...

I love the photos today. Really cool. Glad the evil twin didn't show up hehe

Pup Fan said...

Really cool perspective on that last shot!

houndstooth said...

I like the curve shot! I figured you'd go for a curvy tail!

Okay, I hope that you take your good dog to class every week, but I admit, I am going to laugh a lot if there's a story about the evil twin making it to class!

Angel @ Life with LuLu (and Wally, too!) said...

Good job at behaving yourself in training class. We sometimes have trouble, too. LuLu is better at it than Wally, but he's just a baby.. LuLu's nickname was "SPAZ" at his age! lol

I absolutely love the daily photo shoot idea. I may join in. Not for my blog, but because I just got my first DSLR camera and could really use some practice! :) Thanks for posting about it!