Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triangular Dog

Dog Blog Post #207: The Daily Shoot was "Make a photograph with a triangular composition."


That's what I get for crowing about how easy yesterday was.

Must have taken 1000 pictures for this one, and in the end, I'll only own up to the first...

... and the last.

I sure hope tomorrow (Wednesday) is easier. Something like, "Take a picture of something with fur," would be nice. Or food. Food is easy. Or something with fur eating food.

I could do that.

... I hope you read this fast, as Wordless Wednesday is hot on it's heels!


Wendy Krehbiel said...

You just need a 3rd dog - my first thought at taking a triangular picture was to put all the dogs in downs on their side in a triangle shape :)

BZ Dogs said...

I suppose I could have borrowed one of yours! Zackary would have fit right in. :) I did put the boys as two sides of a triangle with the kitchen cabinets as the third leg. Looked stupid. :(

Team Kenzo said...

Awesome pictures!