Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One-of-Ten's sister - 6.5 weeks old
Tonight I put together my best guess for what I think little One-of-Ten should know by 20 weeks of age.

I readily admit that this is just a guess, based on fuzzy memories from 2.5 years ago, when Zachary was just a wee pup himself.

In addition to what I show here, I will be working through Sue Ailsby's new Training Levels, called Steps to Success. I am unbelievably tickled that she released these to the general public just in time to be there at the start of One-of-Ten's journey toward canine enlightenment.

I've tentatively decided to keep Zachary on the old Levels. That's partly because he would zip through them fairly rapidly at the beginning, and without the book (soon out, I hope) it would be hard to know if I was doing things correctly. I'm also not sure it's worth it to switch, as we are finally to the "interesting" bits in the old levels (scenting/retrieve/etc.) and I'm not sure I really want to start all over again.

I have decided to go with two different Weekly Worksheets, as trying to fit both Zachary's and One-of-Ten's on one didn't prove to be viable when I gave it a test run this evening.

Anyway, my proposed syllabus for Preschool is below. The Puppy Socialization Requirements are on my list to do, but will probably look like a simplified and expanded version of Excursions. That is, a list of places to go and do and see that are appropriate for a puppy.

(As always, click to see larger.)


Sage said...

Great curriculum! Good luck with the training.

BZ Dogs said...

Thanks! I just wish I had kept better track of what Zachary learned in his few months so I'd know if I'm over or underestimating things. At least THIS time I'll have that record (good or bad!)