Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Am Trainer...

Dog Blog #119: I Am Trainer, Hear Me.. Complain?

Problem: I want to read my book (The Focused Puppy) but I don't want to turn on the light as it is hot outside, nice inside, and I really really want to stay that way.

Solution: Read near a non-sunny therefore open-blinded window.

Problem: I have no chairs near the open-blinded window.

Solution: Stretch out on the floor and read my book.

Problem: Zachary finds this to be a Very Interesting behavior on my part, and stands next to me panting (as his appraisal of the house temperature seems to vary from mine) and dripping the occasional drip of drool off the tip of his tongue, which Murphy's Law decrees must land on my new book.

Every time.

Solution: Push the dog away.


Solution: Cue the dog away (Out!)


Solution: Explain (in English, of course) how I don't want to read a drippy-wet book.


... but wait! I'm a dog trainer, right?

Solution: Whip out mat, place next to my spot, grab a bowl of cookies, and go back to reading my book.

Dog stands over me, next me, next to the bowl, drips on the bowl, sniffs at my hand, noses the clicker (not actually used in the exercise but along for the ride) and finally lays (un-cued) on mat.

Good dog! Here, have a cookie.

Dog sees arrangement as mutually beneficial, and stays on mat.

Good dog! Here, have another cookie.

... and so, every time I turned the page, the dog got a cookie.

Results: Me happy, dog happy!

I am trainer, hear me say "Good Dog!"


B said...

This is cute. I am going to us that next time Duchess wants to invade my space when I am having to sit on the floor to do something or actually any time she does. Thanks for sharing.

BZ Dogs said...

Should I mention that I nearly just put up the x-pen and put MYSELF in it? Probably not. :)

B said...

I have to go to St. Louis and am taking Duchie with me. I am going to be working completely on just Duchie. My daughter is staying with family and the big girls have a sitter. I am sooooo going to use every tip you guys have given me. Thanks so much for the support.