Sunday, September 12, 2010

Puppies - 6.5 Weeks

This was the last visit before the temperament test and the Selection Committee (breeder and friends) match up people to puppies.

It was warm again, but the puppies were more lively this time and it was a bit easier to spot personalities. A lot of cuddling occurred, some games played with camera straps and pony tails (both mine), a ball was chased, some fingers (jeans, toes, shoes...) were nibbled on, more cuddling, a bowl of water was knocked over, all hearts were listened to (the vet stopped by) and one puppy attempted a jail break by digging out under the ex-pen.

Did we finally pick a favorite?

Yes... and it was actually pretty easy... but there were several other puppies who were really close that we also all liked.

In a week and a half or so, we'll know which puppy is our one-of-ten, and he will begin his new life with us.

I continue to read puppy books, jot ideas down on paper, asks questions on the Training Levels list, and in general attempt to make time pass faster than nature decrees it should.

Nature is winning.

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