Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppy Prep (cont.)

Zachary at 6.5 weeks
Dog Blog Post #126: Here's the run down of where we stand. I've included links when possible, not because I have anything to do with these companies (I don't) but because I like it myself when other people list what they are actually using.

Everything except the Soy Collar is something I've used before.


  • Dog Crates (2) - standard wire mesh. We've had them since Beau and I haven't a clue who made them, but I like them a lot. One's for day use (family room) and the other in our bedroom for night time use.
  • Ex-Pens (2) - again, had forever, no clue who made them but they are infinitely useful.
  • Two more Crate Pads (same as above) - one large and one medium (Zachary liked the smaller one since he could move to the cooler plastic if he wanted to.)
  • Puppy Bowl - same one Zachary used - small heavy ceramic. Paw prints. Really cute and matches the full-sized bowls.
  • Water Bowl - same two bowls. Also heavy ceramic.
  • Puppy Leashes - various
  • Puppy Brush
Still needed:
  • ID Tag for collar - phone number only.
  • Puppy Binder - for holding important puppy papers and such

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