Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weight Loss

Dog Blog Post #104: The Vet says Zachary, weighing in at a robust 73.5lbs, should actually be a svelte 65lb.

Oh dear.

It all started with a funny smell greeting my nose as I greeted the dogs when I arrived home after just four days in Carmel.

During those four little days, Zachary’s right ear managed to transform itself from pale pink Exhibit A to nearly red Exhibit B. Ouch!

Truth in advertising: Exhibit A is actually a current photo of Zachary’s healthy left ear, standing in for the way his right ear most likely looked before I left.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
So, off to the vet we went and one hour, $200, and a bottle of little blue pills later, I had (hopefully) a cure for a yeast infection, Zachary had his Kennel Cough shot (I managed to piggy-back his yearly appointment onto this one), an ear full of greasy anti-yeast goo (which is draining out all over the house) plus an admonition to loose 8lbs.

Well, technically, I guess I’m the one that got the admonition. Zachary just got a bunch of cookies from the Vet and the Vet Techs because, “He’s so darn cute!”

(Irony, anyone?)

Upon arriving home and delivering the news, “Blah blah blah ***EIGHT POUNDS*** blah blah blah,” we compared notes:

The dogs eat three meals of Eukanuba kibble each day plus 1 hardboiled egg and some white meat chicken. Hubby usually feeds breakfast and lunch while I get dinner. Son fills in as needed. Using a 1/3c measure, I was giving two level scoops, son was giving three level scoops, while hubby was doling out a whopping three heaping (or so) scoops per dog per meal.

I’d point fingers and look all high n mighty, except my ability to withstand the boys’ sad eyes when I sit near the cookie jar is non-existent (and they know it) plus I’m the purveyor of training treats – and we’ve been “hitting the books” hard of late.

Anyone seen a waist around here?
Therefore, let it be known that the dogs (plural - as I have no doubt that Beau would fare no better on the scales) are officially on a diet. For the moment, we are going with lopping 2/3c off their daily rations. That is, everyone will now feed two level 1/3c scoops per meal.

I will try to post weekly pictures and trot Zachary down to the Vets every other week for a weigh-in.

I would do it weekly, but he can’t afford the calories.
May 2009 - For comparison purposes


Katie, Meeka and Maizey said...

Bleh to the ear infection and bleh to diets, at least the 2legged variety!LOL

Meeka had an ear infection once and it was so miserable for her. And yes that goop you have to put in their ear is rather messy! I have been told that food can contribute to ear infections. Though I know no details on that one.

Will they eat any veggies for training treats? Both mine will and that at least is low calorie.;)

Hope he feels better and finds that waist soon!

BZ Dogs said...

He loves carrots and frozen peas, but suctions them up during training and then chokes.

Hmmm... I could switch to veggies as treats for non-training times, though. That would certainly help.

I'll probably start with Cheerios (1/3 calorie per 'O' vs. 2 calories per training treat) mixed 50/50 with his usual treats for training.