Friday, August 13, 2010

Sit Stay

Dog Blog Post #103: OK, I’ll admit it. I'm totally baffled.

(Yes, that is a picture of a Limpet. No, I have no idea what kind of Limpet. Well, I know it is a Point Lobos Limpet – or at least, the sort of Limpet one finds at Point Lobos – but beyond that, I haven’t a clue.)

You see, after six months of Zachary clearly demonstrating his inability to hold a Sit-Stay for more than 30 seconds, he has suddenly decided to be…


… a Limpet.

It first sank in the other day, when he breezed through his Training Levels Four – Watch (30 seconds) while holding a sit-stay, seemingly without effort. I noticed it again during Find the Squirrel, when he has held his sit-stay during the hiding for the past two days (six successes in a row!)

It defies explanation (hence the bafflement) as I haven’t actually done anything in particular, certainly nothing I haven’t tried before over the past six months, to have caused this sudden change in behavior.

So tonight, feeling emboldened by this auspicious date (Friday the 13th?) I decided to test Training Level Four - Sit-Stay, 2 minutes, 2 distractions….

… and Snug Bug was a Limpet.

Neither tempting cookies nor a friendly Beau dog were enough to pry his little Limpet butt off its brick-path resting place.

Yes, Beau passed too, and I’m proud of him as well. But let’s face it; we all knew Beau would pass. The Big Dog could probably out Limpet a Limpet, if sufficiently motivated.

But Zachary?

Mr. Ten Seconds?

Dancing Zachary?

He just hasn’t been a sitting-there-doing-nothing kind of dog.

At least not until lately.

Perhaps, just perhaps, his Limpet genes have kicked in, and future duration activities will be a breeze!

Or not.

Dream On


Anonymous said...

Yay, Zachary! I think it's the maturity fairy, personally. She sprinkled some "stay dust" in his sleep.

Or it could be the hours and hours and hours of training you've put in paying off.... Nah, that's just silly.

This was a really funny post!

BZ Dogs said...

Maturity fairy? Stay dust?

Works for me!!! Too bad you can't get that stuff on line.

(training? heh - not a chance)