Monday, August 30, 2010

Puppies - Four Weeks

I met the puppies today, and have falling completely under their spell.

How can something so small and helpless do that?

I can hold them in one hand.

They fit under my chin - soft and warm and gentle.

In one short week they will change. Clumsy bodies with grow stronger, little teeth will grow longer, and little personalities will begin to show.

In one short week we must begin to form an opinion - which one is right for us?

But not today.

Today they are still finding themselves, and they look up at you with dark eyes filled with wonder that seem to ask, "Who are you?"

My reply?

"One who loves you."


Sage said...

They are so cute--there's nothing like a puppy. Can't wait to hear about which one you pick!

BZ Dogs said...

This will be the longest three weeks ever.

(Of course, I said that about Beau and Zachary as well!)