Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Open Door

Dog Blog Post #111: Yes, I mean a real open door. No, not a metaphysical open door of the sort that would go with a window closing (and isn't that a door closing and a window opening, anyway?) Just thought I'd clarify that, given recent events.

Late yesterday afternoon, hubby decided to fiddle with the front door handle/latch assembly. It was getting sticky and needed a bit of TLC, and so he set to work removing all the shiny bits and smearing them with black powdery stuff (that I then had to go and scrub off everything else later on.)

Why is this dog related?

Because during this entire operation, the front door stood wide open. Ignoring the fact the sun was shining full-on and it was 105F outside, I was ecstatic.

Do tell.

I was ecstatic because Zachary was just lying there on the entry tiles, chewing on his brand new tennis ball (yes, I know it's really bad for his teeth, but we have been spoiling him a bit these past few days.)

That's it?

Well... yes. Don't you see? OK... picture this: Hubby sitting on chair on entry tiles. Front door wide open. Wide open. Dog laying a few feet away, oblivious to hubby, front door, and the fact it is wide open, with the great big outside world, well, just outside.

And so we played fetch (Zachary and I - hubby was busy playing fetch with son, as in "Bring me the Allen Wrenches!")...

... and we played tug...

... and we played "Find the Squirrel!"...

... and the whole time, the front door stood wide open.

Now it's true, it was like a blast furnace out there and it's totally possible Zachary was thinking the gates of hell awaited so he'd best stay inside...

... but I kind of doubt it.

I think, just maybe, a wee bit of maturity is creeping into the snug bug. Could it be?

I sure hope so, because in four short weeks, if all goes well, we will be welcoming a bouncing baby Aubridge Golden boy into our household (as our breeder just so happens to have litter at this very moment) and Zachary will need to don the hat of "Uncle". It's a big responsibility, and he has big paws to fill...

You know, maybe this post was about opening windows after all.

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