Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CGC Test Results

Well, tonight was the night - and we were the first team at bat.

Being first is nice. Being first means you can walk your dog around (outside the test area, of course) so he can take care of business without worrying about messing anybody else up. Being first means it's lighter outside and your already whimper-prone dog won't have to watch you disappear into the scary darkness during the dreaded Supervised Separation. Being first means less time to worry (in that rip-the-band-aid-off sort of way.)

Being first also means you don't have to watch another dog go down in flames (then picture your dog doing the same thing, only worse) or being a shining star (talk about pressure!)

I was actually, surprisingly, fairly relaxed. I knew he wouldn't pass, so I could treat this just like any other class time... except there were no cookies... and Wendy was standing there with a clip board... and it was going to be months and months before I could take the class again...

Yup - that's me. Relaxed.

I wish I could say we passed with flying colors...

... but I can't. Sits and Downs and all the sitting things (friendly strangers, petting, and groomer) were definitely a breeze. (Yes, Wendy, I know I chanted "Leave it!" the whole time and probably didn't need to... but he passed.)

I was pleasantly surprised by his Loose Leash walking - I chattered at him merrily, and he breezed through that one as well.

The Recall? Well, let's just say that once we made it fair, he passed without issue.

I had to work a bit to keep him focused through the crowd (but we passed) and Reaction to Another Dog? I think he must have studied the rule book to see just how much he could get away with and still pass (but he did.)

Reaction to Distraction? That he passed with flying colors.

Finally we were down to the dreaded Supervised Separation. Three minutes has never seemed so long. Once again, Zachary explored the edges of passing - is one little whimper a pass? What about two? What about a sniff here, a sniff there... can I sniff waaaay over there?

But bless his heart, he made it.

And so, I am most proud to present: Aubridge Ready 4 Action CGC

(Yes, I know it's "just" a certificate and not a title, and therefore CGC doesn't really belong at the end of his name, but I won't tell the AKC if you won't!)


Wendy Krehbiel said...

The puppy scented pants the evaluator was wearing helped with the supervised separation too :) Read your email!

Wendy Krehbiel said...

And I should add - a big congrats! It's well deserved and you definitely worked hard to earn it.

BZ Dogs said...

I had a great teacher and a great class. :)

(Now about that Rally class...)

katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

YAY ZACHARY!! And Congrats to you to kathleen! All your hard work is really paying off. If you ask me you he should get to carry the CGC like a title, its a very impressive achievement we should all work toward with our pups. Maybe we should make CGC chairs, you know like a MACH chair in agility?:)