Monday, February 1, 2010

Scrapbook - The Muddy Paw

Recently, while strolling through the local Library (one of my favoritest places in the whole wide world) looking for nothing in particular, I stumbled across a book on Scrapbooking. Knowing the last thing in the world that I need is another hobby, I checked out the book.

Later that day, ensconced on the sofa with a nice cup of coffee, a Snuggie (don't knock it until you tried it) and a couple of furry lap warmers, I flipped through the pages admiring the work of people who obviously have less to do during the week than I.

Or manage their time better.

Or possibly both.

Anyway, as I sighed longingly and flipped some more pages, I realized that there isn't any reason I couldn't do something like that.

No, really.

But not with paper (the dogs might eat the paper)...

No cropped photographs (the dogs might eat the scissors)...

No fancy albums (have you seen how crowded my study is???)...

But I could give it a go on my loyal computer.

(Besides, I'm still looking for something useful to do with all these pictures I like to take!)

So here it is, my very first Scrapbook page:

(As always, click to see larger)

Recess is over, students are restless, time to get back to teaching...

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