Friday, February 19, 2010

Elective - Excursions

Excursions falls under the “Citizen” part of Extracurricular Activities, along with Companionship and Basic Manners. The three are very much intertwined, and teasing one out from the others is proving to be rather difficult. I possibly should have arranged them differently, and after thinking about it for a while, I might eventually do so.

(Sound familiar?)

The first part deals with getting out of the house and going to places around town. For the moment, these are the things that came to mind in my home town.

The second part involves going further afield - or even into fields. I dislike dirt, bugs, sweat (and sweating) so how far "far" really is becomes somewhat relative.

In the end, the list is for me, my family (if I can drag them along) and my furry boys. Your millage may vary.

A lot.

... oh, and a last minute addition is the second page (below) included to keep track of where we've been.

(As always click to make larger - and remember, this is still somewhat of a draft)

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