Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's been rather quiet here, I know. With the boys innards in a bit of an uproar for the past three weeks, I laid off Training Treats entirely in hopes of clearing things up. No treats = little "formal" instruction = not a whole lot to talk about.

That's not to say that no learning was accomplished. Dogs, like children, are always learning something.

Zachary is learning to be my son's Study Buddy. It's a tough job, requiring you lay across your partner's lap and snooze while getting a full body massage.

Like I said, tough job.

This week had the added attraction of getting your body parts named in Spanish. Zachary learned where his uñas, muñecas, and mejillas are.

Zachary likes having his mejillas scratched.

The boys continue to work on Patience.

- Patience when I take the Duck from his shelf - I don't move if they are jumping about.

- Patience from the one I put in a stay while I go hide the Duck (who, sadly, was terminally eviscerated today.)

- Patience when I get out the leash for a walk, although in that case it's more me waiting patiently until Zachary stops hopping around like a Kangaroo Rat.

- Patience while I wipe muddy paws and remind each dog that they have have four paws and all must be wiped before they are allowed into the rest of the house.

The nice thing about Patience exercises is they require no food rewards. Patience brings its own rewards - whether ducks, or leashes, or the freedom to sleep on my bed.

I worked on Patience, too - the Patience to put schooling on hold while I wait for the dogs to feel better.

Good thing no one is grading me on my patience!

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