Saturday, February 13, 2010

Elective - Basic Manners

Basic Manners falls under the “Citizen” part of Extracurricular Activities, along with Companionship and Excursions. The three are very much intertwined, and teasing one out from the others is proving to be rather difficult. I possibly should have arranged them differently, and after I try writing up one or both of the other two, I might eventually do so.

(Sound familiar?)

The first part (Around the House) describes how I would like my dogs to behave without having to remind them. This is the current norm for all but the last one (Greet people politely at the door.) I suppose creating an Elective for which my dogs already have the skills might sound pointless, but until I made the list, I didn't realize how good they really where!

Party Time is going to be extremely hard as (a) my boys get way too excited when guests show up and (b) I don't really enjoy having guests over (kinda explains (a) doesn't it).

We'll have to see how it goes.

Out on the Town will not be easy, particularly for Beau (who might skip this Elective) but I think it's an important part of Zachary's education.

(As always click to make larger - and remember, this is still somewhat of a draft)

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