Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Sea Dog?

Sea Dog?
Sea Dog?

Dog Blog Post #2490

I wish the scarf was at least another foot longer. The sailor collar actually sits very nicely on Henry, but the shortness of the scarf pulls everything up.

Had I thought about it for a moment (instead of panicking at 9pm when I finally finished collar/scarf and still needed to get the picture) I would have just cut the scarf in two in back and used clips/ribbon to get some extra length.

On the bright side, the collar itself actually sits very nicely on Henry.

Once again, I didn't have a pattern, although I do have a pattern making text book that showed what such a collar would look like - for a human.

This is the now-standard curved V-collar, with a sailor collar added, once again created from flannel.

I spent... ~1.5 hours trying to figure out how to make a pattern for the collar. After 1.25 hours I finally cut out my best guess from fancy pattern-making interfacing.

When I laid it on Henry, I immediately realized it wasn't going to work. Thankfully it was also immediately obvious what I needed to do to fix it.

My second attempt (which looks shockingly close to what was in the text book!) was what I used for the final collar.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2399. "Honor"

Our Daily Challenge - May 26, 2018 - "Remembrance"

A stretch, I know, but my father, brothers, and various other relatives did serve in the Navy.

Pretty sure none of them looked this cute. :)

100x : 2018 - #45

Curvaceous Henry

Henry is always a bit unsettled when posed facing away from the camera. He is well aware of which way he should be facing, and this clearly isn't it.

Knowing his discomfort, I plopped the ramekin of Cookies between his front paws. He won't eat them (he's a good boy) but it does seem to make him feel better to have them nice and close.

After all, with the Cookies right in front of him what's the point of turning around?

At least, that's what I hope he's thinking.

I'm sitting to the right, smushed up against the cabinets, just out of sight of the camera.

There is a certain irony to him having a pile of Cookies between his paws and yet he's staring lovingly at the lone Cookie in my hand.

I've lowered the flash to about 18" off the ground and flipped the reflector around dark-side out to create some lovely shadows.

Daily Dog Challenge 2400. "Curves"

Henry is no cat, but with a bit of encouragement he can produce a satisfactory curve or two.

It's nearly impossible to manually move Henry's body parts into position due to his strong opposition reflex (aside from his paws) so this pose was created with some fancy hand waving on my part - literally, as his head follows my hand (with a Cookie) and his body follows his head.

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Furries said...

Henry makes a handsome sailor.
He's curving every which way in the second shot - his tail actually looks to be in an oddly uncomfortable position.