Monday, May 7, 2018


Henry: "I'm innocent, I tell you!"

Dog Blog Post #2484

Henry should know better than to try and steal Zachary's Lacrosse Ball.

Although I'm not quite sure the punishment fits the crime.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2378. "Pleased"

Well, Zachary's clearly pleased with himself for catching the culprit!

Those who have been playing along at home know I've spent many months (and yards of fabric) trying to come up with a good collar pattern for the boys.

From the first square of felt, binder-clipped to a dog collar (Jul 23 2011 - "On the Rocks") through a long line of cross-stitched "V" collars using plastic canvas, to the transition to the same collar in wide ribbon and then fabric (a ~34"x4" rectangular strip) to the sparkly purple curved-V collar with a black shawl collar of last month.

(In between were simple collars that look like I cut them from dress-shirts (I didn't), elaborate "waistcoats" (including a lovely blue brocade), and various full vests from fleece that never fit right.)

That sparkly purple curved-V collar was a combination of the plain "V" collar and a men's vest pattern. The purple collar didn't fit quite right, but with a few critical changes to the join in front (and yet another pattern generated) I ended up with something that I finally liked.

Since then, I've made it "plain", with a hood, with a mandarin collar (none photographed yet) and this - Zachary's police uniform.

This collar (shirt?) is a bit different from the other recent three, being cut higher at the neck to accommodate the afore mentioned shirt-collar pattern - both pattern's recut, of course, as nothing is ever that easy.

I might not make this variant again, but it worked perfectly here.

"And the seamstress looked upon her work, and she was (finally) pleased."

(Well, I suppose the collar could be a bit smaller. And I probably should have have a placket in front, and...)

Our Daily Challenge - May 7, 2018 - "It was a Gift"

I typically pick up fabric from the remnant bin at the local fabric store (end of bolts, so a yard or less) at 50% off current bolt price, and most importantly - I don't have to wait for it to be cut.

There are exceptions, however, and last week there was a big sale on flannel. Flannel is awesome fabric for my needs, so I picked up a veritable rainbow of colors including this handsome blue.

And I use a Gift Card from my mom to pay for my purchase. :)

Thanks Mom!

(All four recent collars were cut from my new "stash" - with plenty of fabric left to go)

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Ruth said...

Henry and Zachary. In hats. Is always. So cute!!!

Furries said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks waiting for fabric to be cut from the bolt takes ridiculously long!
I think Zachary's vest/collar looks fantastic.
And the photo is wonderful. The boys always look great, but this one is very crisp.