Monday, July 31, 2017


Zachary: "Please?"

Zachary, standing on the floor, placing his head in my lap, begging for... ?

Could be attention. Might be Cookies. Perhaps he wants out?

In this case, it was none of the above. Turns out he was asking permission to join me on the sofa.

Sometimes he asks. Sometimes he doesn't.

He's always allowed on the sofa, except when I'm trying to arrange the blankets, so his motivation for (sometimes) asking is a mystery.

Dog Blog Post #2435

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2098. "Vertical"

Sleepy Puppy
Zachary: "Zzzzz"

Fast asleep on the sofa with me, with his head sandwiched between my blanket covered leg and the back of the sofa.

It's a heavy blanket, tending to smooth out our respective lumps and bumps, making snuggling together more comfy.

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Furries said...

I love smushy face.