Thursday, July 6, 2017


Another week... more battles lost for the Computer.

Actually, that's not quite fair. I do get time, but it tends to be after 11pm.

So I get the pictures up on Flickr, but that's as far as it goes.

For the record, every shot you see here is memorialized on my Flickr stream - including much of the same commentary:

... and while I might miss a day here and there, it will be FAR more reliable than the blog for the next few weeks or so.

On with the show!


What are you two up to?

Zachary: "Painting the Dog Den."
Henry: "Zachary let me pick the colors."

What fun! Umm... how are you going to hold the brushes?


Lighting Check
Henry: "Anyone for a good game of tug?"

Paint Cans
Still Life with Paint Cans

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bad idea?

Daily Dog Challenge 2072. "Work-A-Holic"

Our Daily Challenge - July 5, 2017 - "Reflection"

Hmm... the cans looked a lot more reflective when they caught my eye in the garage.

I was thinking maybe I should have shot from a lower POV, but the still life version was lower yet didn't come out any better.

Perhaps we'll just call it a "soft" reflection and move on - although the rag is actually reflected quite clearly. Strange.

Aside: Despite Henry's obvious interest, no cookies were used in the making of this shot.

For some reason, he was quite taken with the clean, never used, brushes. Zachary's probably staring at them trying to figure out what the pup finds so fascinating.

4th of July

Golden 4th
Sleepy Zachary

Golden 4th
The Boys (and me - not that you can tell)

I'd planned a lavish display of Red, White, and Blue with flags and ribbons and a spinning flag pinwheel (seriously!)

Then the boys informed me they don't work National Holidays.

Especially ones that cause the neighbors to light off fireworks (illegal around here) from dusk until... well... it's close to midnight and I'm still hearing them from time to time.


So I turned on the TV, flipped channels to stay on marching band music and highlights of various fireworks displays around the nation, and hoped the constant similar sounds would dull the impact of the noises outside.

Thankfully, it worked - and surprisingly quickly.

Here they are, sleeping peacefully through the William Tell Overture - or was it was a Military Band playing Stars and Stripes Forever?

Daily Dog Challenge 2072. "Your Colors"

Pure Gold

Our Daily Challenge - July 4, 2017 - "Who Am I"

Why, a Dog Mom, of course!


Henry, Come!
Henry, come!

Apparently, the time for picture taking had come and gone.

Henry wasn't going anywhere.

Daily Dog Challenge 2070. "Disobedience"


The Elegant Dog 26/52
Zachary - The Elegant Dog

The Elegant Dog
Henry being elegant, too

The Elegant Dog
Mr. Zachary

The boys,...

Daily Dog Challenge 2069. "Fresh"

... from Day Spa, relaxing in their smoking jackets.

Our Daily Challenge - July 2, 2017 - "Stands Out"

Surely a dog in a smoking jacket is at least a little unique.

A dog doing an Oscar Wilde impression?

A photographer who sews her dog a smoking jacket?



The suspense builds

The boys spent the day at the Day Spa, so we decided to surprise them with a Bacon Cheesy Burger upon their return.

Daily Dog Challenge 2068. "Surprise!"


A Prayer For Cookies
Henry: "Bow your head and close your eyes..."
Zachary: "No need. I can't see anything with this hat on."

Henry: "Now we're heading out to sea
A pleasant cruise I hope it be
And when returning to the land
Have Momma there, cookies in hand"

Daily Dog Challenge 2067. "Getting Ready"

Our Daily Challenge - June 29, 2017 - "Ends with 'ain'"

Captain and Chaplain

A Prayer For Cookies
Henry: "Amen!"


City Dog Country Dog
Zachary: "I'm a City Dog."
Henry: "I'm a Country Dog."

Well, technically, you're both Suburban dogs.

City Dog Country Dog
Henry: "Can I still wear the hat?"

So alike, and yet so different.

Zachary is always thinking, always trying to read your mind so as to figure out what you want - or figure out how to get you to give him what he wants.

Or perhaps he's just making plans to run for President in a few years. (Personally, I think he'd make a good one, so long as Congress kept an eye on the National Stockpile of Lacrosse Balls.)

Henry, on the other paw, is a very chill dog, whose mind seems to slip into neutral easily and often.

That's not to say he isn't a smart dog, because he is. When he wants to be.

He's just figured out that good things are going to come his way whether he exerts any effort or not.

So most of the time he'd rather... not.

He knows that sooner or later Momma is going to give him Cookies, and he's content to wait patiently until it happens.

I mean seriously, look at those faces? How could I resist?

Daily Dog Challenge 2066. "Contract"

Our Daily Challenge - June 29, 2017 - "Opposites Attract"

I think the boys complement each other well.

Dog Blog Post #2429

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Photography Assignment

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City Dog Country Dog
The Boys

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Furries said...

"Henry being elegant, too" is a fantastic photo. The lighting and Henry's pose are perfect.
The first photo of Henry in the minister's collar made me chuckle. It looks like he's about to sneeze.