Monday, July 10, 2017

Collars and Ties

A slow end to a more fruitful week...


Luscious Locks
Sleepy Henry

Luscious Locks
Henry: "Zzzzzz"

Our Daily Challenge - July 6, 2017 - "I wish I had..."

... Henry's Luscious Locks.

Being able to instantly fall asleep like he does wouldn't be bad either.

One minute he's wrestling with Zachary, the next he's snuggled up against me fast asleep.

Clean living and a clean conscience, I suppose.

Or maybe he just avoids caffeine.

Daily Dog Challenge 2076. "Wishful Thinking"

Luscious Locks
Henry's Luscious Locks


The heat was back...

Henry's Biggest Fans
Henry: "There's TWO!"

Henry's Fan (right) and its understudy twin (left).

Yes, the pup has his very own fan.

From the first hint of heat in April/May until it loses its spot to the Christmas tree in December, Henry's Fan whirs steadily, cheerfully, safely - tucked behind a bit of ex-pen in the Living Room.

Henry loves his fan.

This is actually Henry's third fan, for constant use in a fluff-filled environment takes its toll on the best of equipment.

Son's college apartment was having airflow issues a few months back, and so we purchased Henry's Fan's twin, as we've been very happy with this model.

Now back at home, the understudy is being brought up to speed by providing cooling breezes, as needed, in Son's bedroom.

At some future time, when Henry's Fan whines to a shuddering stop, the understudy will be ready to spin into action and save Henry's day.

Truth in Advertising: Uh no, they don't normally have streamers. I just thought they would look cool for the picture. :)

Our Daily Challenge - July 6, 2017 - "This is what summer looks like"

Daily Dog Challenge 2075. "The Dog Days of..."

Henry's Biggest Fans
Henry: "This is the life."

Henry's Biggest Fans
Chill Henry

Henry's Biggest Fans
Fun with slow exposure


Casual Friday 27/52
Applicant Zachary

Casual Friday
Applicant Henry

Dressing appropriately is...

Our Daily Challenge - July 6, 2017 - "Key"

... to any job interview, including wearing your favorite...

Daily Dog Challenge 2074. "Lucky"

... tie.

Aside: I made the collar last weekend. This is my second time with this pattern, which is essentially Simplicity 1727 with minor changes for size (24" neck) and the shape of the collar points (because I like it better this way.)

You saw my first effort in yesterday's "My Fellow Americans" shot.

The tie was made tonight and is mostly based on Simplicity 1482, reworked to make it longer (thank you Son for your good eye on the final length) so I could wrap it around the clip-on-tie hardware I just purchased (10 for $10.)

While the clip-on-tie hardware came with absolutely zero instructions on how to wrap a tie around it, I found an unrelated YouTube video that was more than adequate.

Ten minutes to sew the tie. Twenty minutes to get it wrapped around the clip. But I have to say it was worth it. The guys looked adorable prancing around the house with it on.

Job Applicant
Henry's lighting check - too cute not to post


My Fellow Americans
Zachary: "My fellow Americans..."

My Fellow Americans
Zachary: "... its time for a change."

Zachary may have discovered his true...

Daily Dog Challenge 2073. "Calling"

...: politics.

After all, he's good looking, outgoing, and seems to be loved by one and all.

Cookies in every bowl, free Lacrosse Balls for all, and raising the number of naps per day top his agenda - with a special emphasis on increasing the amount of time we spend walking.

Who knows, this stump speech might be his...

Our Daily Challenge - July 6, 2017 - "Gateway"

... to a career in politics.

(He can't be any worse than the guy we currently have.)

My Fellow Americans
Henry: "My esteemed colleague..."

My Fellow Americans
Henry: "... is absolutely right."

My Fellow Americans
Zachary: (blink)

My Fellow Americans
Thoughtful Henry

At the Podium
Sill life with a "microphone"

Dog Blog Post #2431

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Furries said...

Lots of great photos today. I'm sure Henry enjoys the fans. At first glance it made me think of a scene from a sci fi movie.