Thursday, December 3, 2015

Comfy Dog

Easy shoot tonight.

I just need you to snuggle down in your old comfy blankets.

Comfy Dog
Zachary: "Not sleepy."

Comfy Dog
Henry: "I'm sleepy."

I know, Henry, you're ALWAYS willing to be sleepy.

But I thought it would be nice to see a sleepy Zachary for a change.

So, Zachary... why don't you just put your head down...

Comfy Dog
Zachary: "Wide awake."

Comfy Dog
Henry: "Oh, brother."

I give up.

Dog Blog Post #1984

This old blanket and comforter (plus a few others) were all headed for the trash when Henry plopped down on the pile and claimed them for his own.

Hard to blame the pup.

If you don't mind how they look, they are really soft and comfy.

Even Zachary partakes of the pile from time to time, although he generally prefers to nestle close on the Big Bed.

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Daily Dog Challenge 1494. "Over Your Head"

Comfy Dog
Zachary: "Hmm... this is rather comfy and cozy."

Comfy Dog
Zachary: "Zzzzzz"

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1 comment:

Furries said...

Oh, brother made me laugh out loud!
My Bentley liked lots of blankets as he got older. He wasn't very furry and I think the warmth felt good.