Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sniff Sniff Sniff

Sniff sniff sniff
Henry: "What's this?"

Sniff sniff sniff
Henry: (sniff sniff sniff)

Sniff sniff sniff
Zachary: (sniff sniff sniff)
Henry: (sniff sniff sniff)

Sniff sniff sniff
Zachary: "Score!"
Henry: "Cookies!!!!"

Sniff sniff sniff
(chomp chomp chomp)

Dog Blog Post #2010

I was sneaky and dropped a couple cookies in the bag.

Silly me, their super sniffers quickly identified what would have otherwise gone Unnoticed and they rummaged around until the Cookies were uncovered.

They seem to Appreciate (and trust) their sense of smell more than any other sense.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 29, 2015 - "Unnoticed"

Daily Dog Challenge 1520. "Appreciate"

Sniff sniff sniff
Zachary the optimist

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Piranha Banana said...

Lucky dogs! Happy New Year wishes for lots of treats and happiness to you!

Doggie's Doing A Comedy Turn said...

There's obviously something good in that bag, hope it's a lovely treat! Happy New Year.

The Daily Pip said...

Unattended cookies are the best. Happy 2016

Ruth said...

How adorable!

Happy New Year! :)

Unknown said...

Unattended edibles are every dog's dream! Finding some unattended food substances is like finding a brimming treasure chest AND winning the lottery!

Shadow said...

Nom, nom. Those found treats are the best.

Unknown said...

Liam the pug says cookies make the very best surprise gifts.

Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

Angry Girl Fitness said...

Haha! Sneaky! :-)