Monday, December 7, 2015

Play Time

Play Time
Fearsome Face!

Play Time
Kick kick kick

Play Time
Paw paw paw

Play Time
Roll roll roll

Play Time
(whisper whisper whisper)

Hmm.... I wonder what they are plotting?

Dog Blog Post #1988

Zachary had a run-in with rose bush the other day, leaving him with a small scratch on the back of his neck.

Henry's helpful nursing subsequently turned it into a quarter-sized weepy mess.


So - for the past five days or so we have kept them apart, turning our house into a maze of ex-pen "walls" and baby-gate "doors", alternating which family member gets which dog so everybody feels equally loved by all.

Today, for the first time since last week, I let them have play time.

Such joy!

Alas, all I had on me was the iPhone.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 11498. "Intertwined"

Play Time
Zachary: "Roar!"

Ok guys... you earned a night off.

Let's go watch some Football!

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Furries said...

The boys certainly enjoyed their playtime after having been separated.