Monday, December 14, 2015

On The Second Day of Christmas...

How about some nice chewy bones...

Chewy Bones
(blink blink blink)

Chewy Bones
Henry: "Not bad..."

Chewy Bones
Henry: "... not bad at all."

Dog Blog Post #1995

On the second day of Christmas, my Human gave to me...

Two Chewy Bones...

... and a Sofa for a long nap.

Photography Assignment

115 Picture in 2015 - #54. Illustrate a phobia

Cartilogenophobia - the fear of bones

Who knew?!

Chewy Bones
Henry: "Thanks, Momma!"

Zachary looks unimpressed.

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Furries said...

The first photo is adorable. Love Zachary's expression and Henry's hidden face.

Willis said...
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