Thursday, May 28, 2015

New Collar

Henry, come model the collar I recently finished.

Woven Collar

Isn't it lovely?

Woven Collar


Zachary sported something a bit different...

Braided Collar

... but I had him positioned a bit too far to the side and he exceeded the length of my backdrop.


Dog Blog Post #1796

Henry, modeling a knitted collar with a Woven pattern Around his neck.

I really enjoyed making this colorful collar, and knitting cables in general.

Zachary's is a braid from three separate beaded i-cords, which was also fun to do.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 28, 2015 - "Woven"

Daily Dog Challenge 1304. "Around"


Woven Collar

... and closer...

Woven Collar

... and closer still.

Woven Collar
Woven Cable Stitch

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Furries said...

Beautiful color and textures in the photos. Henry appears a bit sleepy. :-)