Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Golden Superheroes

Wordless Wednesday...

Golden Superhero
Golden Superhero

Golden Superhero?

Dog Blog Post #1774

What else would a Golden Retriever be?

Truth in advertising: Getting Henry's shots was... taxing... so I'm afraid Zachary (with antenna balls) got the short end of the Effort Stick (but just as many Cookies!)

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 5, 2015 - "Superhero"

Daily Dog Challenge 1281. "When I Grow Up..."

A slider or two might have been pushed in the making of those pictures (Adobe Lightroom)

But Wait... There's More...

Golden Superhero
Same Shot - Sans Sliders

Golden Superhero
Henry: "I think I like the natural me best."

Grumpy Superhero?
One Picture Too Many

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The Daily Pip said...

We love superheroes! Have fun saving the world guys!

Unknown said...

LOVE it!!! Those are some of the BEST superheroes I have ever seen! They should have their own movie.

Anonymous said...

The grumpy superhero pic is the best! The look just says "really?"

Unknown said...

Saving the world one woof at a time.

The Diamond Dogs said...

That's a beautiful photo of Henry-it turned out fabulous and was well worth the effort! <3