Saturday, September 13, 2014

Uh…. No

The Boys
Henry: "Momma, I think you forgot to turn on the flashy thing."
Zachary: "Great, we're going to be weird-yellow colored and blurry."

I'll fix the weird-yellow color after the shots are done and you won't be blurry if you hold still.

Space Blanket

Space Blanket
Zachary: "Total write-off."
Henry: "Wake me when the Cookies come out."

Dog Blog Post #1539

Note To Self: Don't ever try to use this as a prop again.


These are slow exposure, no flash, wide aperture shots (1/8s-1/20s f/2.8) under overhead kitchen lights, as flash on whatever-the-heck space blankets are made of creates black images with random blotches of pure white.

Yes, I tried it.


Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 13, 2014 - "Metal"

Daily Dog Challenge 1047. "A Certain Shine"

Space Blanket
Still Life with a Space Blanket

Editor's Note: It's soooo much easier to fix the color when there isn't anything with color in the shot.

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Unknown said...

LOL we were thinking dudes you are too big for the oven thank your lucky stars. Have a serene easy Sunday.
Best wishes Molly