Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Exercising with Coach Zachary

Fine Tuned Athlete
Coach Zachary: "Work those leg muscles, Pup!"

Henry: (sniff)

Fine Tuned Athlete
Coach Zachary: "Pump that iron or you'll never be able to do a Chin-Up."

Chin Up
Henry: "But I can already do a Chin-Up, Coach."

Fine Tuned Athlete

Dog Blog Post #1542

Zachary says if you want to be Like An Athlete you should Take It Slow at the start and drink lots of water.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1050. "Like An _____"

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 16, 2014 - "Take It Slow"

Fine Tuned Athlete
Henry: "Exercising is easy!"

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Unknown said...

You rock the head and wrist bands Zachary! Plus that is some great fitness advice. Have a happy and fit Wednesday!

Unknown said...

LOL ditto CNB above. Take it slow is so our motto. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Mom of Dogs said...

Looks like Zachary is a good sport about the photos pun intended :)

Lessons From A Paralyzed Dog said...

I'm not sure how much exercise was really done here, but the pictures are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Way too cute! These are great shots!

Unknown said...

Picture 2 kills me....that droopy little face!