Sunday, August 24, 2014

Story Time

Story Time
Zachary: "You're just in time, Mom."
Henry: "Zachary's gonna read me a Scary Story."

Not TOO scary I hope…

Story Time
Zachary: "Huh?"

Headless Cats?

Zombie Dogs?

The Tell Tale Tail?

Story Time
Zachary: "Hmmmm"

You DO remember what happened LAST time you read Henry a Really Scary Story, don't you?

Story Time
Zachary: "Don't remind me."
Henry: "Just because you couldn't find that Zombie under our bed doesn't mean it wasn't there."

Dog Blog Post #1519

How sweet. Looks like Zachary is going to be Reading to Henry.

That's One Smart Dog.

I just hope he doesn't pick something too scary and give the Precious Puppy nightmares!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Aug 24, 2014 - "Reading"

This was my first idea for a Point of View…

Story Time
Zachary: "Once Upon A Time…"

… but didn't "show" well on the camera LCD and so I switched to a higher camera angle.

Seeing it full-sized, I'm now wondering if I should have stuck with it.

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Unknown said...

BOL funny headless cats and zombie dogs. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Laika said...

What a clever dog. Reading scary storys LOL :-)