Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bridge to Nowhere

The Boys
Henry: "She's carrying a big bowl of Cookies."
Zachary: "That's never a good sign."

Bridge To Nowhere?
Zachary: "Told you."
Henry: "Stop fidgeting!"

Dog Blog Post #1383

The shot, above, was NOT photoshopped!

They really did manage to balance the "board" with Minions on their heads.

Not for long, mind you, but long enough for me to get out of the shot, snap the picture, then grab the "board" before it fell.

The "board" is lightweight cardboard - the center from a bolt of fabric.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 890. 892. "The Places You'll Go"

To raid the Cookie Cupboard, of course - with a little bit of Minion Help.

Our Daily Challenge - April 10 2014 - "Bridge"

Plan B

However, the shot below...

Bridge To Nowhere?

… was created with the aid of the clone tool. It's a better view than the one above, but obviously they had a wee bit of...

Bridge To Nowhere?
The original, with the usual drool-specks removal.

… help.

Shoot Concluded - Payment Due

Payment Due
The "Swiffer" belongs to Henry, of course.

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Unknown said...

Clever boys. No way could we balance that. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

I'm surprised they haven't taken over the world yet! I don't think there's anything those two can't do!