Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Zachary in Blue

Zachary in Blue
Zachary in Blue

Dog Blog Post #1375

No flash today - just a pair of CFL's behind a single umbrella, the LEDs in the little lamp, slow exposure and wide open lens (1/40s + f/2.8), plus some slider pushing.

A lot of slider pushing.

See bottom of post for something a bit closer to the original color with Henry.

Editor's Note: This is essentially a recreation of Zachary's Top Hat, Cape, plus Staring At Lamp shot from a few weeks back, using lessons learned that day (where I couldn't get the shot without flash) to pull off today's shot without the flash.

What lessons?

Well, the easy change was to add my second CFL behind the umbrella, doubling the available light.

Then I opened up the lens all the way while fixing the focus on the lamp. 

The problem I had last time I tried that was I left the camera in change (autofocus) and with the depth of field small (from the wide open lens) and the camera's questionable judgement on what I was interested in, it resulted in what appeared to be badly - or at least oddly - focused pictures.

Since I can't guarantee the dogs won't move I can't set the focus on them.

But the lamp sure looked like it wasn't going anywhere so that's what I picked today. That left the dogs a bit blurry, due to them behind the lamp (focus point) and shooting f/2.8 instead of my usual f/7.1, but I think it "worked" for the shot.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 884. "Bold"

I think I was pretty bold with those sliders.

Our Daily Challenge - April 2, 2014 - "Light It Up Blue"

Although it didn't look as good when I tried turning it blue for the day's challenges, I really liked this picture...


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Laika said...

I love the blue one. The other is cute too, though.

Cowspotdog said...

LOVE the first pic too - quite Humphrey Bogart.....mysterious even

Unknown said...

Blue is so you. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

I really think both of them worked well! You really nailed this one!