Tuesday, March 25, 2014

B is for Belly!

B is for Belly!

B is for Belly!


And Bitey-Face!



Dog Blog Post #1367

I love having two dogs, and watching them play is a real joy…


A short stretch of the Family Room wall has suffered greatly from their paws beating, scratching, clawing against it during their play.

I often lighten, desaturate to nearly gray, and then clone out the worst of the scratches in post-production, which goes a long way to making it look acceptable - as I did at the top of this post, but left the shot below it alone.

Thankfully, this is the only place where they play this way.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - March 25, 2014 - "Swings and Roundabouts"

Great expression! Haven't heard that one before.

Daily Dog Challenge 870. 876. "Starts With B"


This is the pre-processed version of the top shot…

Shhhh… don't tell my Mother I let it get this bad!

B is for Belly!

… oh, Hi Mom. :)

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Pawesome Cats said...

These are just delightful photos, what beautiful dogs!

Piranha Banana said...

And here I thought my Momma was the only one. Our wood floors have been destroyed by paws. Destroyed. The stairs were the worst because our sheltie/chow/aussie mix would climb the stairs and lay on the worst possible step all the time. We had them redone a couple of years ago and they are back to having scratches. Not too noticeable except in the right lighting. However, Momma says our next home, we're getting cement tile floors. With NO grout lines - just like the ones in Puerto Rico. They looke beautiful, shiny , only need a mop and paws can't destroy them!

My GBGV Life said...

We have a few serious wall dings from paws and some wood floor damage from us as well. I think humans with kids get damage too from toys being thrown and scraped along, so we figure it is just a daily use thing. Love all that free flowing golden fur!

Unknown said...

B is for belly, bitey face and biscuits we say and bones and ??????. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

And cute little bellies they are!

Unknown said...

We love the 'bitey face' photo!

Louise & Bernie :)


D said...

Wow, those cute puppy paws sure can do some damage! I say it's worth it though, seeing how you get all those cute pictures out of it!

Flea said...

C'mon - all dog owners have walls that look like that. ;)

Unknown said...

I love the bitey face :) And I wouldn't have noticed the wall without you pointing it out, so don't worry too much about it.

Anonymous said...

So cute! :)

M. K. Clinton said...

That's funny. Our bathroom still has scratches and wallpaper nail marks from our Golden Retriever. He wasn't wrestling in there, just sleeping and when he stretched, he scratched the wall. They are so cute though, what can a pet mom do? Haha

Paws News for Cat Lovers said...

Looks like these guys are really having a great time, romping and rolling