Sunday, December 8, 2013

Holiday Decorating?

Ok guys, let's do some Christmas Decorating!

Christmas Decorating
Henry: "Oooo… pretty lights."
Zachary: "This never goes well."

Come on guys, if we all work together we'll have it done in no time.

Christmas Decorating
Henry: "Oooo… pretty lights."
Zachary: "Wake me when it's over."

Eh hem.

A little help here.

Christmas Decorating
Henry: "I'm admiring the lights."
Zachary: "I'm supervising."

I'm giving your Cookies to the dog next door.

Christmas Decorating

Dog Blog Post #1260

Ah yes, the Holidays - when the Family gets together to decorate the house with A Symbol Of The Season… or two.

FWIW: While I usually refer to Henry as Zachary's nephew for simplicity's sake, in actuality Henry (left) and Zachary (~2.5 years older) share the same Great-Grandmother and their grandmother's were half-sisters.

Henry IS the nephew of my first Golden, Beau (~7 years older) as Beau's mother was Henry's Grandmother and Henry's mother was Beau's half-sister.


Since all three are from the same breeder and of the same line, I consider them all "Family". :)

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Mischief Monday

Impossible to get good help around here...

Christmas Decorating

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ruckustheeskie said...

Looks like you are well decorated this season

Unknown said...

Very festive handsome pups. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

YourSpecialDog said...

Great decorations , the dogs look adorable :D

houndstooth said...

I love how this turned out! It's one of my favorite Christmas pictures that you've done. :)

Flea said...

They do NOT look interested. Are they over Christmas already? Poor dears. At least neither is his own grandpa.

Linda Bliss said...

Roooooo totally pawsome christmas photos - really love 'em *Waggy tail*

Woofs from Alfie

Unknown said...

Great photos! They are being very good! I wish I had lighting like this to photograph my dogs at home.

Happy holidays!

Unknown said...

LOL great pics! You look very festive! :)

Unknown said...

LOL great pics! You look very festive! :)

Unknown said...

Ugh, the garlands and lights both indoors and out are my job and I agree with the boys on this one. BUT the decorations do look beautiful once they're done so we muddle through. Great pics (the canine genealogy makes my head spin so I'll stick with Nephew Henry and Uncle Zachary :) !

Unknown said...

They were no help whatsoever! But at least they stayed still while you took such beautiful shots. There is no way my Cooper would do that. Meghan from