Friday, May 3, 2013

The Five Stages of Friday

Happy Henry
*** Joy ***
Henry: "Oh, boy it's Finally Friday! Time to run and play and sleep and eat and... "

Sad Henry
*** Worry ***
"Unless it's bath week. Or Momma forgot to get more cookies. And what if it rains or gets really, really hot?"

Long Way Down?
*** Overwhelmed ***
"And I need to clean the dog den and put away all my toys and catch up in the 113 Pictures in 2013 photography group as we're really, really behind..."

Fear of Fridays?
*** Fear ****

Henry! You're going to have a lovely weekend. Full of fun and games and snuggles and treats.

Happy Henry

Dog Blog Post #?

The sofa is Henry's After Shoot spot, and picture #2 is his After Shoot pose.

For reasons known only to Henry, he climbs up on that sofa every night as I'm breaking the shoot down and putting things away.

And he looks sad.

Really sad.

And he's just so adorable with his big paws tucked up under his chin and his ruff all long fluffy.

So he gets a cookie.

Zachary gets a cookie, too, because you can't treat one without the other.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge "550. It's All About The Setting - feel free to tell us why you chose what you did!"

I love how Henry's soft golden fur contrasts with both the leather sofa and the rust colored blanket.

Our Daily Challenge - May 3, 2013 - "Square Crop"

With paws up on the arm of the sofa, Henry neatly fits within a square.


Looks like the fun's already started.


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Sue and Doug said...

sounds like a fun weekend at your house!

Badger Boo said...

Wow what a great description of a Friday and so expressive, I just popped over from the blog hop. I would consider it a great honour if you linked up to this week "Smile it's Friday" post. Your pictures are outstanding as always xxx

Unknown said...

We see that guys love the photo shoots and the cookies too. Have a fun time and have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Badger Boo said...

Thank you for linking up with this weeks "Smile it's Friday" xx

Anonymous said...

I think they like the photo shoots as much as you do! Plus they get cookies...

Unknown said...

Ha - LOVE it! I so feel like it's them talking sometimes! Great post and photos!!!

Bongo said...

If my person doesn't have a treat when she's taking my picture, I run and try to get the camera instead of waiting for her to click it.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures! Very funny captions too!

Unknown said...

Nice teefs!
Wally & Sammy