Monday, March 11, 2013

The Perfect Ears

Donald and Mickey
Henry: "Momma, guess what we got from Disneyland!"

Oh, you two look positively adorable!

Donald and Mickey
Zachary: "I'm the Sorcerer, of course - wise and all knowing. Isn't that the perfect match?"
Henry: "You're the apprentice who didn't listen, tried to get everyone else to do all your work, and ultimately flooded the wizard's basement. Sounds like a perfect match to me."

Dog Blog Post #988

Photography Assignment

My son, visiting Disneyland a short time ago, carefully considered each boy's…

Daily Dog Challenge "497. Sense of Style"

… as he picked out souvenir Mickey Mouse ears (the …

Our Daily Challenge - Mar 11, 2013 - "Product or Produce"

… of Disneyland) for them.

I'm thinking he made the perfect match, don't you? :)

Donald and Mickey

Editor's Note

Ok... so moving to a custom domain really wasn't so bad after all. At least, everything seems ok at the moment.

I really, really, really appreciated those who commented yesterday - giving us the warm fuzzies that we were actually visible! :)

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Unknown said...

Forget reading the newspaper or watching the news...that stuff's usually depressing...give me Zachary and Henry in the morning!!! I just can't get enough of those pix! Today I started actually laughing out loud for real thinking about why the USA doesn't have a dog theme park where you can take your dogs and have special hats, etc. maybe a beach, boating rides, bubble rooms, the hidden bone patch...stuff like that...maybe a whole resort thing for people who love their pups? Then we'll want you to do the photo shoots :) That would really be a fun place!

houndstooth said...

I am so envious over those Mickey Mouse ears! Bunny says that somewhere, she has to find some of her own!

Sue and Doug said...

adorable in their mouse ears as always!! your two boys are just a ray of golden sunshine..sure could use them this morning..the rain is coming down in monsoon fashion!

Anonymous said...

Adorable Mickey Mouse ears!